Ambient Air Heated Vaporizer

Ambient air vaporizers are relative uncomplicated heat exchangers which vaporize liquified gas by using heat absorbed from the ambient air. Due to this simple principle of operation these vaporizers do not

require external power. Liquid gas passes through a number of interconnected tubes in various series and parallel paths. Ambient air vaporizers are in operations in operation in a wide range of application throughout the industry.

Natural draft ambient air vaporizers have no movable parts which results in zero Operational Expensive (OPEX) and low maintenance costs. Forced draft vaporizers have increased sent out capacity due to introduction of forced air over the tube bundle. Introduction of this rotating equipment results in increased OPEX and maintenance cost.

Available ambient air vaporizers:

  • Product vaporizer
  • Pressure building vaporizer

For the product vaporizers, Cryonorm offers low- and high- pressure range.

  • Vaporizers are sized to match the customer flow requirement to avoid
  • Low-temperature gas entering the product pipeline.
  • Gases: O2, N2, AR, CO2, CO, C2H4
  • No visibley corrosion due to full aluminium design.
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