Ambient air heated vaporizer – Natural Draft

The heat exchanger tubes are part of an all aluminium-finned extrusion. These fins provide a large surface collecting the ambient heat and as such provide energy for vaporization.

Vaporizers are designed for maximum working pressure of 40 barg in compliance with EN13445 and AD2000, ASME on request.

Formation of ice on ambient air vaporizer is normal as humidity in the air condenses and freezes on the finned tubes. Ice bridging between the adjacent serial tubes is minimized as liquid phase tubes have an increased centre-to-centre spacing! This results in a gas temperature approaching ambient even after eight hours of full continuous duty. For duty cycle exceeding 8 hours, Cryonorm offers auto change over units which will change over from vaporizer (bank) I to vaporizer (bank) II based on time and gas outlet temperature.

As the vaporizers are from all aluminium, no visible corrosion will appear on your customer site.

All vaporizers come with appropriate CE marking to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

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