Steam Heated vaporizer

For over 40 years, Cryonorm offers steam-heated vaporizers:

The steam heated water bath vaporizer is a typical Air Separation plant back-up vaporizer, it consists of a full stainless steel vessel with vaporizer coil submerged in the water. Water to be heated by means of steam injection, for such steam injectors are placed in the bottom part of the vessel in order to minimize noise.

Steam heated water bath vaporizer (indirect heating)
Vaporisers are equipped with steam governor and manual by-pass valves. Condensation is normally gravity-drained into a sump, on request Cryonorm can also offer condensate recovery systems.

On request, a second coil for pressure building can be installed in the water bath.

Steam heated vaporizer (direct heating)
The direct steam heated vaporiser has no intermediate heating medium, steam is injected straight onto the tube bundle in which the gas will be vaporised. With this design, high flows can be obtained with small footprints. As such this type is mostly used for mobile applications for the purging of pipe lines, tanks, etc.

Gases: O2, N2, AR, CO2, CO, C2H4

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