Gas trim heater and auto switch over systems

To complete our portfolio, besides all types of cryogenic vaporizers, we also supply auxiliary equipment like auto change over systems and electrical gas heaters.

Auto change over unit (DN25-PN40):

All controls (small PLC, Telemecanique-Zelio) and change over valves are mounted on stainless steel frame. Change over module to be mounted on central liquid inlet lines to vaporizers.

Vaporizers are automatically switched over on set temperature by PT100 (TE Temperature Element) in gas outlet (loose supply for liquid phase systems). The moment vaporizer (bank) 1 reaches the set gas outlet temperature (factory set at -20 ºC), valve 1 will be closed and valve 2 will be opened. To avoid long working periods, vaporizers will be switched periodically (can be set manually on panel at 10 min, 4, 8 or 12 hours. A low temperature alarm (potential free contact) on connections terminal is provided for. All the functions, with the exception of the adjustment of the temperature set point, are designed to be automatic without the need for operator input during normal operation. Temperature set point can be changed, however we recommend to have such done by senior operators only.

Electrical gas trim heater (40 kW-PN40):

Complete heater with control cabinet mounted on stainless steel frame. A PT-100 thermocouple is fitted in the outlet of the heater, continuously measuring the temperature of the gas leaving the heater. Hereto this thermocouple is wired up to a Thyristor temperature controller in the control cabinet. The actual temperature is given in a digital display on a continuous basis. Below this display, a set of switches is located by means of which the desired gas-outlet temperature (set point) can be selected.