Nb. 435 'M.V. Ireland' successfully launched!

Nb. 435 'M.V. Ireland' successfully launched!

On Saturday the 19th of March our Nb. 435, the LNG powered cement tanker 'Ireland' was christened and launched.

M.V. Ireland is a dedicated cement carrier built for the joint venture JT cement, in which Erik Thun AB cooperates with KG Jebsen Cement (KGJ) from Norway.

The vessel is one of the first dry cargo vessels ever with an LNG fueled propulsion system supplied by Cryonorm, in which a pressurised LNG tank is incorporated inside the hull.

Using LNG as maritime fuel is by far the most environmental-friendly solution available today. While sailing on LNG, the vessel will meet the most stringent emission criteria, as well as new norms that might be in place in future.

For a video on the launch please visit http://www.ferus-smit.nl/nb-435-m-v-ireland-successfully-launched/#after_section_1