Simultaneously LNG filling of tank and fuelling LNG of Volvo truck at BayWa station in Wolsburg (DE)

In the new LNG fuelling station for our customer BayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH, we successfully fuelled a Volvo truck with cold LNG and simultaneously filled the 70m³ LNG storage tank.

Station is equipped with dual dispensers and Cryonorm saturation on the fly system. The Cryonorm stations eliminate methane emissions and recognizes both spark ignited and compression engines. The station allows to fuel all current available LNG trucks simultaneously.

BayWa is planning further LNG Fuelling stations in their German network, more stations are under construction at Cryonorm.

The station looks great with the wooden fence and canopy above the dispenser, we are proud to be part of the LNG fuelling expansion plan of BayWay according Cryonorm project team.