Winner Cryonorm photo contest

First, we like to thank all participants that have replied to our request for sending pictures. Interesting to see our vaporizers in the various sites from all corners in the world.

Selection by the Cryonorm team is based on composition, color and, of course, clear visibility of our units.

#1:Stainless steel lined ambient air heated vaporizers to BOC

Cryonorm team selected this picture as winner based on nicely lined up vaporizers with the horizontal tanks in the front. Various colors of grey contrasted by the blue clear sky and some heavy clouds approaching makes this picture truly alive.

Along with the picture, we received following remark:

The 20 Cryonorm vaporisers comfortably provide a nitrogen flow of 22.500 Nm3/hour for 24 hours or 11.250 Nm3/hour continuously. The starfins are lined with a total of 7 km stainless steel tube designed for 200 barg and absorb 3.4 MW of free ambient heat energy each hour when at at full flow.

#2:Mobile vaporizer to PRS

Cryonorm team selected this picture as second based on the various colors and the condensating air movement clearly showing unit in full operation.

#3:Oxygen vaporizers to AGA

Cryonorm team selected this picture showing our vaporizers installed at a fish farm in Norway as third based on overall composition and idyllic location at the fjord.

All three participants will receive a gift box with all kinds of Dutch delights!