LNG liquefaction plants

Liquefaction of gases is physical conversion of a gas into a liquid state ( condensation). Main reason for such is to reduce its volume in order to transport in liquid state to customers site.

Cryonorm provides worldwide Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants in nano, micro and small scale.


Capacity [gallons/day]


<10 Metric Tons per Day

<6,250 gallons per day


<75 Metric Tons per Day

<46,875 gallons per day


<500 Metric Tons per Day

<312,500 gallons per day

Cryonorm LNG liquefaction Plants are designed in compliance with EN-1473. Nano- and micro scale units are fully skid mounted designs. For the larger capacities, skidded design for most process modules. Applied technology for refrigeration is based on cryo-generators for the smallest units and "nitrogen expansion cycle" for the bigger capacities.

Based on customer demand, Cryonorm completes the installations with gas pre-treatment, LNG storage tanks, truck loading bay and/or power generators.

Possible sources for LNG are:

  • Stranded gas fields
  • Associated / flared gas
  • Biogas
  • Pipeline gas

Should you have an inquiry for such type of plants, please fill in the following Budgetary Request for LNG form.