LNG Mobile Vaporizing unit

Cryonorm offers a full range of LNG mobile vaporizers that can be delivered based on container dimensions or placed on steel base frames.

These mobile vaporizers can be deployed on multiple locations, EN12079 certification on request for off-shore projects.

Heating medium is water coming from cooling water, a well, or any other source. For closed water circuits, vessels will be designed as pressure vessel. If water can be gravity drained, the vessel will be atmospherically designed.

The warm water bath vaporizer is equipped with controls for the warm water system, the main product coil and, if installed, the PB coil. An anti frost heater can be mounted in the vessel to protect the vessel during periods when the complete system is shut down and ambient temperatures are below zero.

Picture below shows mobile indirect gas fired vaporizer designed to supply 10.000 Nm³/hr full continiously. These vaporizers can act as peak shaving unit (keeping grid pressure) or replace gas supply once grid goes down.

All our mobile vaporizers are available for all air gases, LNG and CO2, while the heating medium can be ambient airsteam or electricity.

So, Cryonorm assures that your mobile vaporiser can be delivered to your specifications and for every possible use.

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