LNG Waterbath heated vaporizer

Cryonorm develops both coil in shell as shell in tube design, both designs full stainless steel. Based on flow, water temperature, working pressure and available pressure drop, Cryonorm will offer the best suitable design.

Heating medium is water coming from cooling water, a well, or any other source. For closed water circuits, vessels will be designed as pressure vessel. If water can be gravity drained, the vessel will be atmospherically designed.

The warm water bath vaporizer is equipped with controls for the warm water system, the main product coil and, if installed, the PB coil. An anti frost heater can be mounted in the vessel to protect the vessel during periods when the complete system is shut down and ambient temperatures are below zero.

Cold recovery
Cryonorm offers complete packages to use the heat from your cooling water and to use the cold from the LNG to lower your cooling expenses.

Concept is to take the cold “energy” in the LNG in order to reduce total energy to be cooled by customer site cooling system. Customer should install 100% cooling capacity in order not to interfere in their main process once regas skid is not in operation. Although initial CAPEX is higher, in time you will have your return on investment due to lower OPEX.

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