LNG Submerged Combustion Vaporizers

Cryonorm developed a range of submerged combustion vaporizers (SCV) for regasification of medium - and large quantities of LNG.

The LNG is warmed by flowing through tube bundles that are submerged in a waterbath which is heated by flue gases coming from natural gas fired burners. The submerged combustion burner emits hot exhaust gas that directly heats the waterbath by bubbling through the water to an exhaust stack. The flue gas will be cooled below the dew point, the water from the combustion condenses out giving up its latent heat to the water bath. Since both the sensible and the latent heat contents of these flue gases are recovered in the water, the overall thermal efficiency is very high.

In principle, two alternative designs are used.

Up to 12,5 MW
For SCV units up to 12,5 MW burner capacity, the concept is as per sketch below based on multiple parallel working burners.

Higher than 15 MW
For the design of the SCV units with burner capacity > 15 MW, Cryonorm and Inproheat Industries Ltd from Vancouver-Canada joined forces. Cryonorm is responsible for the design of the regas part and construction, Inproheat brings in their proven knowledge in heating up fluids by means of submerged combustion.

For more information on Inproheat, please visit: https://inproheat.com/product/category/subcom

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