Turnkey supply of a LNG storage and vaporizer system

  • November 18, 2022

Turnkey supply of a LNG storage and vaporizer system

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LNG as back-up gas supply from gas grid

Cryonorm will supply a Satellite Regasification Plant (SRP), including LNG storage and a vaporizing system to an industrial customer, for securing natural gas supply for its energy intensive production process.

System includes 6 pcs LNG tanks of each 80 m³ water volume, one central filling skid through which all 6 tanks can be filled, 2 banks of vaporizers to guarantee a natural gas flow of 2.000 Nm³/hr, and a gas conditioning skid.

The gas conditioning skid contains:

  • automatic switch-over system for the vaporizers: one side in use while the other side is defrosting
  • dual pressure reducing valves with slam-shut function,
  • odorization unit
  • 60 kW Thyristor controlled electrical trim heater to secure +0oC gas supply
  • Flow measurement.

LNG can either be fed to the vaporizers from the LNG storage tanks or direct from trailers. For the latter , a three trailer bay unloading system is included.

Please contact us at sales@cryonorm.com, we will be pleased to offer you such system specifically designed around your natural gas demand.

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