History and our values & beliefs

As from 1968 at the forefront of development and application of cryogenic vaporizers, Cryonorm has employed a combination of technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of vaporising applications for liquefied air gases and LNG.

Cryonorm group can be divided in the following sub divisions:

Cryonorm BV:
Main activity of regasification of cryogenic liquids. Design and sales of cryogenic vaporisers for liquefied air gases & LNG.

Cryonorm Systems BV:
Main activity is the design and sales of LNG/L-CNG fueling station. LNG marine fuel system, LNG satellite plants, LNG ship bunkering plants and small scale LNG liquefaction plants.
Cryonorm group considers LNG as the best possible fuel for the coming decade because of the economical and environmental advantages over the current oil-based fuels. Consequently, Cryonorm sees small and mid-scale LNG systems as an essential part of the LNG supply chain. With this, we contribute to an important role in a more sustainable economy.

Our reputation for providing an unsurpassed level of customer service rides on every job we do. From the smallest enquiry for a standard vaporiser to a detailed solution for a special or unusual vaporising system, every customer gets the same level of understanding, empathy and after sales care.

Our values & beliefs:

  • Entrepreneurship: we seek opportunities – they are everywhere
  • Teamwork and relationships: Going beyond the individual, encouraging boundary less behavior
  • Humility: we value intellectual modesty and detest false pride and arrogance
  • Deliver the promise: we value a deep sense of responsibility and self discipline to meet and surpass commitments made
  • Learning: nurturing active curiosity – to question, share and improve
  • Respect for individual: we will treat others with dignity, sensitivity and honor
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