Auto Change Over Unit

Automatic Change Over Unit is to ensure reliable and continuous ambient vaporizer operation. The automatic chang eover system switches gas supply from vaporizer (bank) I to vaporizer (bank) II based on time and gas temperature.

Change over module to be mounted in in- or in outlet lines from vaporizers with central outlet. All controls and change over valves are mounted on stainless steel framed gas temperature.

The moment vaporizer (bank) I reaches the set gas outlet temperature (factory set at -10 ºC), valve in outlet will be closed and vaporizer (bank) II will start. To avoid long working periods, vaporizers will be switched periodically (can be set manually on panel at 2,4,6 or 8 hours).

A low temperature alarm (potential free contact) on connections terminal is provided for. All the functions, with the exception of the adjustment of the temperature set point and switch-over time, are designed to be automatic without the need for operator input during normal operation.

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