L-CNG fueling stations

Cryonorm supplies LNG and CNG fueling stations for both private as public stations.

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For private LNG truck fueling, Cryonorm developed a Quick Response System which consist of a skid mounted pump module, LNG dispenser and LNG storage tank.

Typical public stations consist of the following components:

  • LNG storage tank with pressure build-up vaporizer
  • high pressure LNG pump, vaporizer and buffer for CNG
  • LNG transfer pump for LNG with Cryonorm’ “saturation on the fly” system
  • control system
  • LNG – and CNG dispensers with tank card payment/billing system

With this modulair installation (construction kid system) we can fulfill every customer request.

In order to be able to supply LNG to the different types of trucks, Cryonorm designed a system for the so called “saturation on the fly”. With this system we are able to supply saturated LNG for various filling pressures.

Simple, one dispenser system connected to LNG container for quick start and optimized flexibility.

In order to limit site activities, Cryonorm developped full shop manufactured skidded fueling station. Please find below picture of site instation of one of these stations reaching mechanical site completion in only one week!

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