Marine LNG Fuel systems

The shipping industry needs to reduce emissions from its use of fuels, Much cleaner fuels than the conventional heavy bunker oils will be required.
The market for LNG shipping is evolving. As more and more companies make use of LNG, more and more systems are required. LNG is considered one of the most economical and realistic solution.

Cryonorm is the specialist for LNG systems for:

  • Inland waterway ships
  • Seagoing waterway ships

Cryonorm has supplied LNG fuel systems for both dual fuel - as well as for electric propulsion. Not only for new-build projects but for retrofit projects as well. Cryonorm engineers will, in close cooperation with the ship owner and yard, determine final location of LNG storage tank(s) and tank connection space.

LNG powered ships readily comply with Stage IV emission standards for ships on the North Sea and Baltic Sea by early 2015 to take effect.

Please find some of our references of inland as well seagoing ships below and/or clic on link below:

Reference list Marine LNG FGS - 2019 print.pdf

  1. Argonon - Deen Shipping
    The first dual fuel powered inland ship provided with one 40m3 LNG Fuel System
  2. Greenstream and Greenrhine - Interstream Barging
    The first two 100% gas electric powered inland ships in the world each provided with two 40m3 LNG Fuel Systems
  3. Eiger - Danser Containerline
    Retrofit of inland ship from Diesel to Dual Fuel provided with one 60m3 LNG Fuel System
  4. Coral Star and Coral Sticho - Anthony Veder
    Short sea ships with dual fuel propulsion each provided with two 100m3 LNG Fuel Systems.
  5. Greenland - Erik Thun AB

Short sea ship with dual fuel propulsion provided with one 130 m3 LNG fuel system